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Case Law Review

*All courts mentioned are at the state level.


Appellant held title to real property that was deemed subject to equitable division in the divorce of her son from his wife. The couple was married in 1978. Appellant acquired a home in 1991 and allowed the couple to live there. In 1996, Appellant deeded to the property to her son individually, as a gift. Read More

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Autrey v. Autrey, S10F1806

Final decree awarded primary physical custody to Wife, ordered Husband to pay child support based on Husband’s income of $12,500.  Wife filed in Gwinnett in October 2008, Husband served two days later at marital residence in Gwinnet, where parties had lived for 20 years.  Husband asserted his domicile and primary residence was in Cobb, where Read More

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Bailey v. Kunz, A10A1809

Appellants appeal from the denial of their motion to dismiss a petition filed by Appellees for grandparent visitation of the Appellants’ minor child. Appellant Carrie Jean Bailey was married to and conceived a child with the son of Appellees Robert and Royce Kunze.  While she was pregnant, the couple divorced.  Thereafter, she married another man, Read More

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Baker v. Lankford, A10A1211

Wife gave birth to a son while married to Husband. Husband was listed on the birth certificate and believed he was the child’s biological father. Wife later told Husband that he was not the child’s biological father. Wife then moved out of the marital home. Husband paid child support and filed for divorce. While the Read More

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Bellew v. Larese, S10A1334

The parties were married in Italy.  Mother is an Italian national and Father is a U.S. citizen.  The couple has a minor child who was born in Italy, and who has dual Italian and U.S. citizenship.  In May of 2007, Mother left with the child for Italy for a summer vacation.  On August 1, 2007, Read More

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Boddie v. Daniels, S10A1821

In order to deny a Mother’s petition to terminate temporary guardianship of her daughter, court must find by clear and convincing evidence that termination of temporary guardianship would harm the child. Clark v. Wade, 273 Ga. 587 (2001) interprets O.C.G.A. § 29-2-8(b) and states that a third party must provide clear and convincing evidence that Read More

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