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When you face challenges in an area as important as your family, the experienced, compassionate team of Boyd Collar Nolen Tuggle & Roddenbery is here to be your advocate and fight for you while smoothing the paththrough difficult terrain.

Boyd Collar Nolen Tuggle & Roddenbery offers an extraordinary level of depth and experience in all facets of family law, litigating and negotiating issues from the basic to the most complex. Our clients come from all walks of life, and we’ve earned a solid reputation with judges and lawyers by getting our clients the results they seek.

The members of our team have dedicated their careers to helping clients get to the best resolution. Boyd Collar Nolen Tuggle & Roddenbery attorneys use a team approach to manage cases efficiently and provide effective results. Although one member of the firm takes primary responsibility for each case, clients benefit from a collective of strengths as the firm strategically pairs lawyers and staff with experience tailored to each matter. This ensures that your needs are met and the best possible result under the circumstances is achieved.

Boyd Collar Nolen Tuggle & Roddenbery handles cases with the utmost discretion. Our attorneys are known not only for their abilities to skillfully litigate contested matters, but also for the most effective use of their experience, knowledge and sound judgment to achieve negotiated settlements. No matter the issue, our attorneys bring passion, tenacity, and dedication to each case, and work tirelessly to protect your interests.

Let us help.

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