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Every family is different, and every divorce case brings unique circumstances and legal issues. The attorneys at Boyd Collar Nolen Tuggle & Roddenbery have unparalleled experience in helping our clients navigate a difficult process. Through our years of combined experience and continuing legal education, we are equipped to handle whatever challenges arise in a family law matter.

We recognize and empathize with the intense emotions our clients often experience. At the same time, we maintain our ultimate focus on providing sensible advice on how to achieve the best outcome for our clients.

Whether through a trial or through settlement, our goal is to advocate for our clients in a comprehensive and straightforward manner so that our clients can navigate the divorce process and move forward with confidence that they have gotten the best possible result.

Please refer to the checklist of records collect when contemplating divorce.


Our attorneys represent clients in both contested and uncontested divorce cases. In contested divorce cases, we guide our clients through this more complex divorce process with a goal of minimizing the financial and emotional impact that these cases often have on individuals. Read More

Alimony is support for one spouse that is paid by the other, as if he or she were receiving income. It is taxable to the party receiving the alimony and deductible by the party who is paying the alimony. In divorce cases, alimony may be awarded on a temporary or permanent basis for the support and maintenance of either spouse. Read More

In 2007, Georgia revised the way that child support is calculated. Shareholder Tina Shadix Roddenbery was one of the three women who drafted the legislation that would become the new child support law. Georgia law now makes both parents responsible for their children’s financial support Read More

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