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Case Law Review

*All courts mentioned are at the state level.

In the Interest of C.A.L, A10A2557

Facts and Trial Court: After hearing evidence from DFACS and a clinical psychologist about the minor child’s (C.A.L)’s abuse at the hands of Father, stepmother, and cousins on Father’s side, the trial court concluded that the child was deprived under the definition set forth in O.C.G.A. § 15-11-2, and awarded custody to Mother. Court of Read More

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Jenkins v. Walker, S10A0907

Categories: Child Support

Father claimed that DFACS improperly placed him on child abuse registry after he entered a safety plan with Mother following allegations of child abuse. Safety plans are not agreements that may be enforced by DFACS; they are merely suggestions designed to prevent need for DFACS to take custody of the children who are subject to Read More

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Lightfoot v. Hollins, A10A1923

Facts and Trial Court: In a North Carolina divorce, Mother was awarded custody of the minor child.  Mother tragically died several months after the divorce.  Father then obtained custody.  Father remarried two years later. Stepmother adopted child through proceedings in North Carolina.  Father, stepmother and child now live in Cobb County.  Maternal Grandparents, who live Read More

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Miller v. Miller, S10A1707

Parties divorced in 2009, decree determined alimony, custody, child support, but reserved fees. Found parties’ real property (marital residence and Amelia Island lot) to be marital, and profits from sales would be equally divided. Trial court accepted Wife’s expert’s valuation of Husband’s medical practice, which used combination of Asset, Market, and Income approaches. Trial court Read More

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Mitchum v. Manning, A10A0151

Categories: Visitation Rights

Trial court did not err in concluding that visitation with Father was in adult disabled child’s best interest. Child was a ward of the state until she was 18, at which time Mother was appointed her legal guardian.  In support of her contention that visitation with Father was against the child’s best interest, Mother testified Read More

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Morgan v. Morgan, S10A1365

Facts: Husband and Wife divorced in 2007 by Decree, incorporating a settlement agreement. H was member of U.S. Navy. Agreement stated that, upon H’s retirement, W was entitled to only the portion of his retirement benefits that Navy required be paid to her. If such payments were required, H agreed to sign all documents to ensure Read More

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