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Case Law Review

*All courts mentioned are at the state level.

Sponsler v. Sponsler, S10F0299

Trial court was authorized to find an agreement existed between the parties and to make that agreement part of the final decree, despite Husband’s contention otherwise. At trial, Husband testified that he understood the agreement would be set forth on the record. Neither party objected to the Judge affirming she understood there was an agreement Read More

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Tanner v. Morris, S10A1227

Parties had a self-executing child support provision in their Final Divorce Decree saying that Father would pay Mother child support while each child was living at home with Mother. Trial court should not have found Father in contempt for reducing his support obligation when he had Mother’s consent for the two children to live with Read More

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Thompson v. Thompson, S10F1231

Categories: Civil-Estoppel, Divorce

In this case, the Supreme Court ‘disapproves’ its 2007 decision in Grissom v. Grissom, 282 Ga. 267, which it said caused confusion. The Court now reinstates Coley v. Coley, 128 Ga. 654 (1907), holding that one who has accepted benefits such as spousal support or equitable division under a divorce decree is stopped from seeking Read More

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Wier v. Wier, S10F0553

Court held that lump sum alimony to Wife in amount of $600,000 was not excessive when Husband owned property worth over $1.6 million and had a monthly gross income exceeding $16,600. Georgia law permits the Court to require a party to sell or encumber property in order to pay equitable division and alimony awards. Court Read More

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Willis II v. Willis, S10F1357

The parties’ appeals from the entry of a judgment and decree of divorce were before the Court by way of the pilot project. The trial court awarded the parties shared joint legal and physical custody of the sole child born of the marriage, with the parties exercising physical custody on alternate weeks. Solely for purposes Read More

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Woods v. Bradford, S10A0636

Categories: Child Support

The parties divorced in 1992, and Wife was awarded custody of the parties’ two minor children.  In 2001, the elder child, (“Son”) went to live with Husband.  The younger child (“Daughter”) continued living with Wife. The parties then consented to a modified custody order establishing, among other things, child support obligations.  The parties agreed that Read More

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