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Case Law Reviews: Alimony

Robinson v. Robinson, S10A0929

Categories: Alimony, Child Support

Supreme Court acknowledged that there are contradictory lines of cases that dictate at what point in time awards of temporary alimony and child support cease to be effective after a final judgment awarding different amounts is appealed. Here, the Court held that, if not otherwise altered by the trial court, a temporary award continues in Read More

Wier v. Wier, S10F0553

Categories: Alimony, Marital Property

Court held that lump sum alimony to Wife in amount of $600,000 was not excessive when Husband owned property worth over $1.6 million and had a monthly gross income exceeding $16,600. Georgia law permits the Court to require a party to sell or encumber property in order to pay equitable division and alimony awards. Court Read More

Tax provisions dismantling alimony deduction demand new prenuptial planning

Categories: Alimony

Alimony, also known as spousal support or maintenance, has undergone a major change when it comes to the new tax law. Spouses need to be aware of the new tax provisions and how it affects the money they will pay or receive, depending on whether they are providing or receiving alimony. Previously, alimony was taxable Read More

Preparing for Divorce Court So You Don’t Leave Anything on The Table

Categories: Alimony, Child Custody, Child Support, Divorce, Marital Property, Settlement Agreement

When facing off against a soon-to-be former spouse in divorce court, it is essential that you – the client – discuss with your lawyer what issues are most important to you so your lawyer can prioritize your objectives and build a winning strategy. During a divorce proceeding, each side generally has limited time to present Read More