Property Division

Georgia is an “equitable division of property” state. For divorcing spouses, that means that the property they acquired during the marriage will be divided equitably – not to be confused with equally – taking a number of factors into consideration. These factors may include the conduct of either spouse, the separate estate of each party, the contributions of each party to the marriage, and the couple’s income practices and historical patterns.

While the standards provided by Georgia law are fairly open to interpretation as to what constitutes an “equitable” division of property, our attorneys specialize in high-asset, complex cases. These cases require a level of financial expertise in matters of valuation, discovery of assets and other issues which may accompany the division of a significant marital estate.

The attorneys at Boyd Collar Nolen Tuggle & Roddenbery have knowledge in the areas of business, financial planning, taxation and accounting. Regardless of whether you are the spouse who has traditionally handled the family finances, we are equipped with the resources to handle and, if necessary, try your case.