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Guardian Ad Litem

Obtaining a parenting plan for the children that is in their best interests and that takes into account the unique needs of the family is the highest priority of most parents. Given their heavy caseloads and the need to move cases along, judges frequently are unable to take into account the nuances of the lives of every family and the unique needs of the children. Many judges rely on the investigation and recommendation of an objective third party, called a guardian ad litem, in fashioning family-specific parenting plans and in making determinations on custody. A guardian ad litem meets with the parties and the children, interviews third parties who have knowledge of each party’s parenting style, and make a proposal to the court about an appropriate custody and visitation schedule for the parties’ children.

Boyd Collar Nolen Tuggle & Roddenbery has extensive experience working with guardians ad litem in contested custody situations and in shepherding parents through the investigation process to ensure that a guardian is provided a complete and accurate picture of the needs of the children and the family.

Several of our lawyers also are recognized and respected for their work as guardians ad litem throughout the region and serve frequently at the request of area judges and lawyers. This experience includes working on highly contested and complex custody disputes that involve, among other things, issues of substance abuse, mental illness, special needs, domestic abuse and child abuse.

One of our lawyers has trained hundreds of guardians ad litem throughout Georgia and has authored a manual used by many. The experience of our “in-house” guardians ad litem is available on all of our cases as we seek to ensure the best possible result for you and your children.

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