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What to Bring to Your First Meeting with a Divorce Lawyer

Author: BCNTR

No matter how many episodes of Law & Order you’ve watched, finding an attorney in real life is daunting under the best of circumstances. For many people, finding a divorce attorney is the result of a recommendation or long hours of internet research. No matter how you arrive at your shortlist of firms to interview, coming to your first consultation with a few documents and prepared questions can help you make the most of your appointment.


 If it’s safe for you to access the information without causing further disruption in your marriage, bring in statements that give the attorney an overview of your financial life: paystubs, tax returns, how much debt you and your spouse carry, etc. If you anticipate large expenses, like private school tuition or moving to a new home, your consultation would also be a good time to discuss those concerns.

Items Related to Conduct

 If conduct plays a role in your divorce or custody case, bringing in sample pages of text messages and emails – or even a journal that you may be keeping – can give a clear, concise picture as to the extent of the issues, and it allows the attorney to better formulate a case-specific plan.

Questions for Your Prospective Lawyer

 Here are common questions that you should feel comfortable addressing in a consultation:

 Realistic Expectations

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