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Adultery: A Big Word with Limited Impact in Divorce Cases

Date: January 13 2022 Tags: , ,

In many of the divorce cases that our team handles, unfortunately, adultery plays a role. Sometimes it follows struggles within a marriage, such as when a married couple hadn’t been intimate in years. Sometimes it’s shattering, as one spouse cheats while the other thought they were in a happy marriage. While the emotional and psychological Read More

Digital Assets in Divorce: How Are They Divided?

Date: August 6 2019 Tags: , ,

With our lives increasingly intertwined with technology, the division of digital assets is an area that shouldn’t be overlooked in a divorce. Digital assets include any content, such as photos, videos, music and documents, stored on smartphones, tablets, computers or remote servers that make up the cloud. Part of any divorce is determining how to Read More

Should You Postpone Your Divorce Until After the New Year?

Date: August 6 2019 Tags: , ,

When a couple ultimately decides on divorce, the spouses typically want to get the matter resolved as quickly and painlessly as possible. However, there may be a financial advantage to staying married through the end of the calendar year. Tax liability is a major factor that should be considered when negotiating a divorce settlement. Couples Read More

What to Expect at Your First Meeting with a Divorce Attorney

Date: August 6 2019 Tags:

The last place most people want to visit is the office of a divorce lawyer. If that dreaded event becomes a necessity, you should go with a plan and have certain expectations regarding what you hope to accomplish in that initial visit. You should be prepared to talk openly and candidly with the divorce lawyer Read More

What to Bring to Your First Meeting with a Divorce Lawyer

Date: April 10 2017 Tags:

No matter how many episodes of Law & Order you’ve watched, finding an attorney in real life is daunting under the best of circumstances. For many people, finding a divorce attorney is the result of a recommendation or long hours of internet research. No matter how you arrive at your shortlist of firms to interview, Read More

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