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“How to Become a Stepparent to Your New Spouse’s Children,” Divorce Magazine

In an article published in Divorce Magazine on April 14, Amy Saul Mollengarden discusses stepparent adoption and legal hurdles to navigate when becoming a blended family.

There are numerous factors that must be considered during the process of a stepparent adoption including, pitfalls with the biological parent surrendering his or her rights, how to prepare for your initial meeting with your family law attorney and required documents that must be provided to the court.

“Not having the cooperation of the biological parent is the biggest pitfall. When this happens, a couple seeking a stepparent adoption must make the decision whether it is worth it to go to court and incur significant legal expense through litigation. In this situation, the couple will have to prove that the biological parent’s rights should be terminated. This can be a challenging process with a high legal standard,” the author explains. 

Stepparent adoption allows the stepparents to give their adopted children the same inheritance and legal rights as a biological parent, including medical insurance coverage. While the process can be complex, the emotional and loving bond that comes from forming a blended family is always worth it in the end. For the full article, click here.

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