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“The Legal Minute: Divorce Court,” The Atlanta Lawyer

The Legal Minute: Divorce Court The Atlanta Lawyer

Boyd Collar Nolen Tuggle & Roddenbery attorney Caitlyn Kerr contributed an article to the September/October issue of The Atlanta Lawyer, discussing the value of collaborating with other professionals, attorneys and experts in the practice of divorce law.

Due to the often-complex issues that arise during divorce proceedings, collaborating with specialists can be crucial in many instances to achieve high quality results for clients. For example, divorce lawyers may engage a financial professional when writing a settlement agreement that includes technical language for the division of retirement accounts. Moreover, in cases where one spouse unilaterally handled the parties’ finances during the marriage, the divorce action may be the first instance a client has any meaningful involvement in their finances. In such cases, the client may need the personal guidance of a financial advisor to understand the assets of marital estate.

In addition to industry professionals and specialists, divorce attorneys also benefit from working with other attorneys. Collaborating with these individuals may be necessary to protect a client’s business interests, consult on personal injury settlements that may impact the case, or navigate the intersection of divorce and estate planning at the end of a divorce. With the growing complexity of clients’ issues and increased specialization in particular fields, working with other professionals and lawyers across practice areas helps develop tailored solutions to clients’ particular issues and helps them achieve their individual goals.

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