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“I appreciate your professional expertise, wisdom, and kind presence extended to me during and after my divorce.”

- Anonymous

“I met John in 2016 after filing for divorce from a short 3 yr marriage from a woman I met on the jnternet. I was seeking enforcement of my prenup and was hoping it would be a some what quick divorce. Unfortunately the opposing side created quite a conflict in their pursuit to have me dismiss my prenup, seeking alimony etc. and ended up being a 2 yr legal battle. John is an extremely knowledgeable attorney and his calm demeanor is what I love about him. He was very clear and always available when I needed to reach him. He always asked what I sought and then gave me his legal opinion and what was realistic. Fortunately we weren’t asking for anything unreasonable since all we sought was enforcement of the prenup. John and his staff have all played a huge role in getting a favorable result for me and my children. I am grateful for John and his efforts into my case and would recommend John to anyone going through a divorce. John ended up being a witness in my case and we won our case after 2 long yrs. I respect John and want to thank him personally for his work on my case. He is an honest, intelligent, strategic and an attorney who will stand by your side and have the upmost integrity.”

- EP

“Hands down the best family law attorney in Georgia. I met a great woman and was married shortly thereafter, then the lawsuits came asking for primary custody and all decision making from my x wife. I had to fire my first attorney for simply doing nothing to help my case. Richard stepped in and turned the ship around with only one month left to trial. He saved me about 150k in child support. The most important thing is that I got to see my kids again. If you are considering going it alone without an attorney, my advice is hire Richard. He has empathy, and doesn’t have that lawyer attitude. He truly rescued my life.”

- Eric

Jonathan is one of the brightest domestic lawyers in Atlanta. He is extremely knowledgeable of the Georgia Family/Domestic laws. He believes in respecting all parties yet isn’t afraid to speak his mind in the name of justice! If you are seeking top notch representation, he is your man.

- Stella

I simply cannot say enough in praise of this attorney based on our current experience with him. Our daughter sought his advice and services when our family’s world began falling apart. We always felt we had the world’s most perfect son-in-law.. and recent events have stunned us beyond belief. Richard’s counsel, insight, experience,and calm manner give us hope and significantly reduce the stress index. Growth and reconciliation seem to be in the cards with his help.

- Client Review

“A lawyer you can trust! Richard was referred by a friend after I was very unsatisfied by my first attorney, who was more interested in my pocket book. He gave of his time without charging me and handed me to his partner John Collar, whom he felt would be most effective in handling my contentious case. He offered valuable advise and time, even attempted to help resolve a dispute with my previous attorney. Outstanding man and attorney. Give him a chance to help make a painful divorce less so.”

- Scott

John picked up the pieces, after I was poorly represented by another attorney for two years, and I was divorced 10 months later. John and his partner Richard Nolan are honest and direct. The painful experience of divorce was shortened by their advice and guidance. After being used (gravy train) by my first attorney, John was a refreshing change. I recommend John and Richard, which says a lot, if you have dealt with many attorneys.

- Scott
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