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Robert D. Boyd

Robert D. Boyd

  • “How to Conduct Temporary Hearings,” Family Law Institute
  • “Evidence for the Family Law Attorney,” Family Law Institute
  • “Family Law in Georgia,” ABA Family Law Summary
  • “Recent Developments in Family Law,” State Bar of Georgia
  • “Practical Discovery Techniques in Family Law,” State Bar of Georgia
  • “Relocation After Bodne,” State Bar of Georgia, Family Law Newsletter
  • “Prenuptial Agreements”
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Richard M. Nolen

Richard M. Nolen

  • “Spouse Busters,” Family Law Institute, 2010
  • “Electronic Evidence,” American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers Seminar, 2009
  • “Prenuptial Agreements,” Sports and Entertainment Law/Intellectual Property Law Section Seminar, 2008
Jonathan J. Tuggle

Jonathan J. Tuggle

  • Panelist and Co-author, “That was Then, This is Now – Examining the Consequences of Estate Planning in a Subsequent Divorce Action When the Objectives of Fiduciary Law and Family Law Compete,” Fiduciary Law Institute, July, 2015
  • Panelist, 2nd Annual Complex and High Asset Divorce Seminar, “Best and Worst Case Strategies”, February, 2015
  • Chair, Family Law Institute, Destin, FL, May, 2013
  • Chair, Nuts & Bolts Seminar, Savannah, August, 2011, Atlanta, September, 2011
  • “The Initial Client Interview,” Family Law Institute, May, 2010
  • “Virtual Visitation,” Hot Tips from the Experts, Family Law Institute, May, 2008
  • “Georgia Case Law/Legislative Update,” Family Law Institute, May, 2007
  • “Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements in Georgia: Mallen and Beyond,” Nuts & Bolts of Family Law, August, 2006
  • “From 35 Years of Marriage and Family Therapy, an Emotional and Psychological Commentary on Divorce, and the Pleasures and Pitfalls of Being Married to a Domestic Relations Attorney,” Hot Topics, Family Law Institute, May, 2006
  • “Handling Custody and Visitation Issues,” Practice Pointers for the New Lawyer, Enhanced Bridge the Gap, February, 2006
  • “Tips for Handling Legitimation and Paternity Cases After the 2005 Statutory Revisions,” Family Law Basics for the New Lawyer, January, 2006
  • “Recent Developments in Family Law 2004-2005,” Nuts & Bolts of Family Law, August, 2005
  • “Georgia Case Law Update,” Family Law Institute, May, 2005
  • “Fulton County Family Court,” Atlanta Bar Association, May, 2005
  • Contributor, “Attorneys Fees: Show Me the Money,” Family Law Institute, May, 2004
  • Contributor, “Ethical Responsibilities When Clients or Opposing Counsel Have Crossed the Line,” Matrimonial Law Trial Practice Workshop, December, 2003
  • Contributor, “Georgia Privileges in Domestic Cases,” Nuts and Bolts of Family Law, July, 2002
  • Contributor, “Unresolved Issues in Family Law: Stock Options: Vested v. Unvested, Marital or Separate Property? Tax Implications of Phantom Stock,” Matrimonial Law Trial Practice Workshop, December, 2002
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Tina Shadix Roddenbery

Tina Shadix Roddenbery

  • AAML Decision Making in Divorce – Active v. Passive Clients, American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, March 2017
  • Litigating Highly Contentious Cases, Litigation from Soup to Nuts, YLD Litigation Committee CLE, April 2016
  • Privacy Interests in Family Law: How to Effectively Advise Clients Regarding Electronic Communications, Video Surveillance and Audio Recordings, Contemporary and Complicated Divorce Issues, ICLE, February 2016
  • Mock Direct and Cross of Financial Expert Witness: Financial Topics in Family Law, Atlanta Bar Association, January 2015
  • International Issues in Georgia Family Law cases: Institute of Continuing Judicial Education, seminar for the Superior Court Judges, January 2015
  • Deposition Do’s and Don’ts: The YLD Family Law Committee Presents: Tips and Tactics for the Family Law Associate, August 2014
  • International Issues in your Georgia Divorce: Family Law Section Family Law Institute, May 2014
  • Discovery-Tips on How to Get What You Need, Webinar for the State Bar of Georgia Family Law Section, May 2014
  • Ethical Considerations in Complex and High Asset Divorce Cases: 1st Annual Complex and High Asset Divorce, 2014
  • Child Support Guidelines: Everything You Wanted to Know but Were Afraid to Ask: Family Law Section, Nuts and Bolts Seminar, 2013
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Jordan. E Whitaker

Jordan E. Whitaker

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