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“Marjorie Taylor Greene and MacKenzie Scott are both getting divorced. Their cases have two critical differences — and one key similarity.” – MarketWatch

In an article published on MarketWatch on September 29, 2022, firm co-founder Robert D. Boyd discusses the increasing use of prenuptial agreements and their implications in divorce proceedings. The article points to the recent high-profile divorce filings of billionaire MacKenzie Scott and U.S. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene as an illustration of the differences in divorce law from state to state (comparing Washington to Georgia in these cases.) The piece also highlights how pre-nuptial agreements are increasingly being used, not just by wealthy couples to avoid negative publicity, but by many entering marriage for the first time.

Prenuptial agreements “have become more mainstream,” Boyd said in an interview with the reporter. He added, “It’s common for parents to insist on there being a prenup,” explaining that the documents help avoid what might be a thorny mix of love, money and family. Boyd attributes the rise in prenups to couples getting married later in life and thus bringing to the relationship more assets as well as one or both partners marrying for the second time and seeking to avoid the task of dividing those assets again. The article also cites interesting data on the increasing willingness of millennial and Gen Z couples to sign agreements prior to marriage.

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