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“Co-Parenting, Child Support and COVID-19,” Atlanta Jewish Times

In an article published in the May 31 issue of Atlanta Jewish Times and online on May 29, 2020, Amy Saul Mollengarden discusses custodial arrangements in the time of COVID-19 and other issues that may arise as a result of the previous “shelter in place” orders.

“Our new world of social distancing, remote workspaces and virtual school creates many day-to-day challenges for all families. These challenges are exacerbated for families who have been through divorce, are currently divorcing, or otherwise share custody,” Amy says.

The article discusses in detail expectations of co-parents and advice for them during this time, and the economic impact on financial obligations, such as child support and alimony, for parents that may have had their salaries cut, been furloughed or terminated.

“The bottom line is that while we are experiencing unprecedented times, you have options. Contact a family law attorney to obtain the appropriate advice for your unique case,” she concludes.

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