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Parents Getting Divorced: How to Handle the Conversation with Children

Date: August 6 2019 Tags: , ,

The divorce process can be grueling, emotional and stressful. If you’re a parent, one of the saddest parts of getting divorced is telling your children. Children may not be able to comprehend such a major life decision, especially if they are young, and they may think that they were to blame for the divorce. Children Read More

Protecting Your Child During a Divorce: The Private Courtroom Keeps Family Secrets Out of Public Record

Date: August 6 2019 Tags: , , ,

Georgia is one of only two states in the country that permits divorcing spouses to air their grievances before a jury of their peers. Although jury trials in divorce cases are relatively rare, the issue of child custody in divorce is not. As a matter of public policy and state law – regardless of whether Read More

Should You Postpone Your Divorce Until After the New Year?

Date: August 6 2019 Tags: , ,

When a couple ultimately decides on divorce, the spouses typically want to get the matter resolved as quickly and painlessly as possible. However, there may be a financial advantage to staying married through the end of the calendar year. Tax liability is a major factor that should be considered when negotiating a divorce settlement. Couples Read More

Is There A Right Way To Get Divorced?

Date: February 24 2011 Tags:

Just as every marriage and family is different, so is the impact divorce has on it.  For that reason, there in no “right way” to get divorced.  Be sure, though, that the way you get divorced is right for you. For some, there is little mystery in divorce.  For others, divorce can bring fear, anxiety Read More

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