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COVID Vaccine Approval for Young Children Could Come Soon: What if Co-Parents Disagree?

Date: July 22 2021 Tags: , ,

 Some years ago, I worked on a case involving a parent who was in a dispute with a co-parent over whether their child would receive the typical panel of vaccinations recommended by pediatricians. The case was unusual, but as health authorities consider if the COVID-19 vaccine is safe for children, more matters like that one Read More

Communication and Planning are the Keys to Sharing Kids in the Summer

Date: June 29 2020 Tags: , ,

Summer can be both a rewarding and stressful period for divorced parents who share custody of children. Routines will be disrupted, and it’s important for parents to communicate to avoid conflicts. This is especially true this summer when the COVID-19 crisis has interrupted plans made earlier in the year and parents may have different ideas Read More

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