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Considering Divorce in Georgia? Be Aware of the State’s Fault vs. No-Fault Options

Date: February 9 2023 Tags: ,

Preparing for and executing the dissolution of a marriage is rarely an easy process. Many couples are satisfied with declaring “irreconcilable differences” and getting through the matter as quickly as possible. However, in Georgia, state law provides for two paths to end the marriage: “No-fault” and “fault” divorce. What is the difference between no-fault and Read More

Postponing A Divorce Until the New Year Has Advantages

Date: November 10 2022 Tags: , ,

When a couple decides to divorce, the spouses typically want to resolve the matter as quickly and painlessly as possible. However, there may be financial advantages to staying married through the end of the calendar year. Two important considerations – tax liability and insurance coverage – should help guide your decision-making. Avoiding Higher Tax Liability Read More

If You Want to Keep Your Premarital Assets, Keep Them Separate

Date: June 23 2022 Tags: ,

Clients going through divorce often are startled when they find out a major asset they had before getting married, such as a house or an investment account, is considered “joint property” to be divided by a judge. Here’s how this unpleasant surprise can occur. After the wedding, Spouse 1 moves into Spouse 2’s premarital home. Read More

What Happens to Inherited Assets in a Divorce?

Date: March 3 2022 Tags: , ,

Money can be a major stress point in a divorce, especially when it involves funds and assets that have been inherited. It makes sense. Perhaps your parents, grandparents or other loved ones left you a sizeable inheritance. If you are contemplating or going through a divorce, you may ask, “My spouse can’t get their hands Read More

Communication Is Key in Marriage, But Also in Divorce

Date: December 8 2021 Tags: , ,

When in law school, I didn’t aim specifically for a career representing parents and spouses in disputes over divorce terms, alimony, and child custody. I graduated in 2008, just as the Great Recession was starting, and was fortunate to find a job as a law clerk for a family court judge in my hometown of Read More

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