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Case Law Reviews: Divorce

Considering Divorce in Georgia? Be Aware of the State’s Fault vs. No-Fault Options

Categories: Divorce

Preparing for and executing the dissolution of a marriage is rarely an easy process. Many couples are satisfied with declaring “irreconcilable differences” and getting through the matter as quickly as possible. However, in Georgia, state law provides for two paths to end the marriage: “No-fault” and “fault” divorce. What is the difference between no-fault and Read More

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The Changing Landscape of Marriage (and Divorce) for Same-Sex Couples

Categories: Divorce, Marriage

The bipartisan Respect for Marriage Act (RMA) made headlines across the country in December when it was passed by Congress and signed into law by President Biden. For all married couples, a quick review of what the law does – and does not do – can be beneficial when considering your rights as a spouse Read More

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Consider Your Tech Use Prior to Divorce

Categories: Divorce

Technology is an immensely useful and powerful tool. It enables us to communicate more effectively, helps keep us organized, entertains us and keeps us constantly connected to the ones we love. Technology and tech-enabled devices are everywhere and are extremely effective in making our lives more efficient – but for people considering divorce, technology can Read More

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Modifying Child Custody Orders Post Divorce

Categories: Child Custody, Divorce

Child custody issues are perhaps the most delicate decisions spouses will make during a divorce. In Georgia, the court’s primary consideration in drafting the custody order is the child’s best interest. The judge will take many factors into consideration, including each parent’s involvement in the child’s activities, legal residence, work schedules, personal relationships, mental and Read More

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